What Are the Best Storage Solutions for Small Bedrooms?

storage bedroom.pngWhen it comes to storage solutions, it can become rather difficult for a small bedroom to find the right amount of space to keep everything.

Luckily, there are a number of storage solutions one can invest in to make use of as much storage space as possible.

Find out what solutions we recommend by exploring our list below.

Bedside Tables

Never underestimate the storage capacity of bedside tables! Not only do the tabletops have plenty of room for you to store books, watches, lamps, and your alarm clock, but they also come with drawers.

The best part is that they are within easy reach, meaning you can store your most regularly used items here.

No bedroom is truly complete without one. And if you have a double bed? Then there’s two bedside tables you use.

Below the Bed

Do you have space underneath your bed? Is it being used? So much potential for storage space exists there that it’s a surprise not more people make use of it.

Clothes storage boxes and crates low enough to fit under the bed can be best utilised here and we highly recommend making use of them to keep things you do not regularly need or use.

Seasonal clothing, for example, could go in these storage boxes can be brought out again when the weather changes. 

If you have lids on them, all the better, as the contents will then remain dust-free. Of course, it’s a good idea to dust the boxes every now and then.

Alternatively, if you visit our Avon range for built-in matching underbed drawers, you can get that underbed storage already installed.


Ottomans are extremely handy. Not only do they come in a variety of shapes and sizes, but they’re also very useful for storage space. 

If you like having multiple quilts and pillows, for example, what better place to keep it all than inside an ottoman?

Best of all, they all fit neatly at the end of a bed frame, meaning they take up little space and blend in well with the rest of the furniture.

The same goes for blanket boxes, which are a convenient way of keeping your spare blankets and duvets out of sight. Visit our range for a whole range of options.

Additional Drawers

Got some extra space in your wardrobe? Make use of it by putting in some extra drawers. 

Not only will you free up room to hang up some more of your regular clothing, but you’ll also be able to keep everything organised and separate.

If extra drawers aren’t an option, you can also install extra shelves to keep spaces clear.

Storage Solutions at Devonshire Living

At Devonshire, we believe in effective storage solutions, no matter what size of the room. Explore our product range by visiting our showroom or browse online.

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