Popular Home Decor Trends This Winter

holly wreath above a fireplace xmas decoration.jpgLike with everything, winter trends in home decor come and go. Some land and stick while others are forgotten amid the sands of time.

A perfect example of this is tinsel. While fairly fashionable a few decades ago, these days it’s seen as rather tasteless and, even worse, bad for the environment. 

However, with 2019 drawing to a close, some other trends have proven their timelessness alongside the emergence of some newer popular trends.

Here are some to look out for. 

Dramatic Neutral

While an enduring trend throughout much of the year, Dramatic Neutral is the home decor movement that surprises everyone, from its contradictory name to its alarming boldness. 

So, how can something be dramatic yet neutral? Well, dramatic neutral describes the excellent balance of completely neutral colours in a certain space.

The impact this creates is somewhat alarming but also pleasing. Nobody in their right mind would put only brown furniture in one room, but alongside beige, creamy white and dark oak it can really make your home glow. 

It’s the perfect colour scheme for winter, too. Not too bright as to overwhelm the senses but not too dull so it doesn’t bore the eyes. 

If you want to take things a step further, you can even invest in some “neutral” Christmas decorations to complete the aesthetic. 

Round Furniture

A subtle yet also surprising trend this winter is to opt for more round furniture. This is surprising as, before now, things seemed to be going in the more angular/Scandinavian style of minimalist home decor. 

Obviously, harsh lines are less pleasing on the eye during colder months. Round chairs, curved settees and even circular tables are all making a comeback, perhaps to accommodate for all those new curved TVs that are all the rage.

But rounder furniture feels more homely and people tend to feel less ill-at-ease when they feel like they can sit down on a chair without being poked in the back by a sharp edge. 

Round furniture can also conceal things better and be much more practical than “normal” square furniture. 

Ever seen those dining tables that expand? The round variety blends practicality and aesthetics seamlessly as they are extended. 

In short, to make your house feel cosier this winter, we recommend more rounded cushions, pillows and other decorative items. 

Statement Pieces

Every room in the house needs a centrepiece, a focal point to which the eye is immediately drawn. For many, it can be a simple thing as the sofa or the giant rug. 

However, for this winter, many are opting to take things a step further. Chandelier shaped like a snowflake? Done. Wall art full of ancient Chinese characters? Done.

Yes, the bolder your centrepiece, the more striking the whole room will seem. The trick is to strike that perfect sense of balance. As well as suiting the room, everything within it must complement it. 

For example, with the chandelier, everything else in the room must be more minimal or restrained to emphasise the grandiosity of that centrepiece.

If your sofa or coffee table is as bold and colourful as your chandelier, then they will clash and the effect will fail to get across. 

A statement piece can be the best solution to a room that doesn’t feel “quite finished” as well. It can really bring all the elements of the entire room together. 

Ideal, really, for the winter months where you will be spending the majority of your time indoors. 

Rustic Decor

Rustic decor is another trend that has emerged from the rest of 2019, but winter is probably the best season to enjoy it. 

Due to its “rough” nature, the perceived imperfections of rustic furniture doubtless carries its own charm. It can really help bring a more natural feel into your home, which is perfect for winter when nature is at its least active. 

You don’t have to go overboard with it, either. Even buying simple photo frames with a rustic aesthetic can do wonders in bringing warmth into your home. 

It’s not just the wood, either. Black iron hinges and table legs complete the look, making it a hallmark of the entire aesthetic. The best part? Rustic furniture looks good in a country home as well as an urban apartment. 

So, the next time you’re on the lookout for home accessories, maybe rustic is the way to go. 

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