How To Refresh Your Living Room For The Winter

man and son sitting by warm fire with their dog.jpgWinter is officially upon us, meaning that it’s time to get out the thicker duvets and put the heating on. Nothing feels quite as good as a toasty living room with a roaring fire. 

Indeed, it’s easy to forget but winter is the perfect time to refresh your home decor. No other time is more ideal for it as it’s a chance to make your home just that extra bit snug. 

After all, bare furniture is all well and good in the summer, but in winter an exposed chair can look rather comfortless. 

Here are a few ways in which refreshing your home can help you stay nice and warm in the winter months. 

Bring Out the Blankets

Nothing says snuggly like lots of blankets! The more, the better. If you’re someone who doesn’t like to turn the heating on, it’s the ideal solution to keeping cosy. 

And the best part? You can have them anywhere in the house, not just the living room. It’s always better to keep one close by so you can easily reach it when you’re feeling chilly. 

They also serve as some pretty nice decoration when you’re not wearing them. Draping them over sofas or dining room tables can be an excellent way of making your living room feel extra snug. 

Wool throw blankets and faux fur ones are the best, but anything thick and soft will do just fine. Choosing one with the right pattern is entirely up to you. 

Never Too Many Cushions! 

Got a lot of cushions? Just add more. Like blankets, there are no rules to the number of cushions you can have you have in your house. After all, you could always be extra comfy. 

Like blankets also, they tend to be decorative as well as functional. They give your sofa that little extra colour and life and can make your bed look invitingly soft. 

Of course, they’re also soft, making whatever you’re sitting or reclining on much comfier. They bring a closeness to your home that makes winter feel like a long distant memory. 

We recommend using a variety of cushions, from small to large, from cotton to woolly. Where you choose to put them in your home is your choice, of course. Throw pillows are also an option. 

Use Warm Lighting 

You’ll be surprised how much lighting can affect the ambience of a room. If you have one large halogen light on, it can make a room look cold and empty. 

It might also seem harsh and unwelcoming. Lacking in intimacy and comfort. It brings to mind of hospital waiting rooms and classrooms.

A smaller light, therefore, is a much better alternative at helping you feel warm. The less “whiteness” in your light, the better. 

Countless studies have warned that harsh lights, especially from that of computer screens, can play havoc with our sleeping schedules and keep us awake long after bedtime. 

Orange light, however, tends to be much cosier and easier on the eyes. Think about the sort of light you use to read before going to bed. 

It’s odd to think about as a large overhead light technically keeps more of the dark at bay. And yet, small lights do the opposite but are far more preferable. 

In short, opt for a small table lap rather than the overhead lights for that extra cosy feel. What else are side tables for? 

Fairy Lights

Speaking of lights, give your living room a touch of magic with some fairy lights. Nothing screams homely more than a trail of glittering lights over a doorframe or across the mantelpiece, or even encircling a picture frame or a piece of wall art. 

Some people even keep them bunched up in jars, giving off the illusion that they have captured a jar full of fireflies. 

For many, this is a preferable alternative than using the lights built into their ceiling. It certainly saves on the electric bill, to say the least. 

Roll Out the Rug

Finally, rugs can make a bare room feel much less bare and provides some good insulation. This is especially handy if you have wooden floors. 

The best things about rugs, too, is that they can cover a lot of space and even become the eye-catching focal point of your living room. 

If you’re unsure where to put it, rolling it out underneath the coffee table is always a good idea, particularly in delivering that home feel. 

Always choose the rug depending on your colour scheme. It’s important to make your living space decor feel harmonic, even if it is a small space to place your home accessories. 

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