How to Create A Warm Welcome For Guests In Your Home

people saying cheers with champgane glasses.jpgChristmas and New Year are just around the corner. You know what that means! A lot of time will be spent indoors with a lot of people.

Whether it’s your friends or your family, it’s vital that your home makes them feel warm and welcome. Hint: it takes more than a bottle of prosecco, but having one ready certainly wouldn’t hurt. 

Although this can be applied for any time of year, this season, in particular, is the season for hosting guests. 

Below, we’ve assembled the best tips for making your home feel welcome for every single one of your guests. 

Spend Time on Your Entrance

We mean this both literally and figuratively. Yes, greet your guests with a warm smile and offers to take their coats by all means, but don’t neglect your point of entry.

Whether you own a porch or the front door leads straight into the living room, it’s important to spend time decorating it, even if it’s just to tidy up your shoe rack. 

It is, after all, the first impression that your guests will have of your home. Think of it as the starter, and the main room (namely your living room) as the main course. 

We suggest a soft light and a nice warm welcome mat to greet guests, perhaps even somewhere to sit while they take off their boots. 

This is where the main porch comes in handy as you’ll have the room to put in such things as a small lamp or a pew or even a coat stand. 

So, whenever you’re sprucing up your home decor for company, don’t ever forget the entrance! 

Add Soft Features

Subtle yet effective, adding soft features to your home, such as fluffy cushions and smooth wooden furniture, can go a long way in making it feel cosy.

It’s also easy to do and doesn’t involve a lot of effort on your part, such as moving large chairs or tables. Sometimes, a couple of extra cushions can make a world of difference. 

To go that extra mile, make sure you integrate a layer of blankets, cushions and pillows. Not only does this mean extra comfort for your guests but that warm, cosy feeling will intensify.

Keep Seating Close and Intimate

While there needs to be space between each item of furniture, too much space can create distance between your guests, to the point where they feel like they’re in a dentist’s waiting room rather than your own house. 

Keep things cordial by putting your comfy chairs closer together. If you like having a homely feel, you’ll have this arrangement set up already for yourself. 

Use Amazing Smells

Sight and touch aren’t the only senses that you must appease. Impress your guests by spraying scented fragrance all over your home.

A plug-in air freshener or dehumidifier will also work just as well. Be sure to pick the scent wisely so as to make things cosier.
While lemon can be a nice smell, it’s more often a summer scent and is normally associated with cleaning fluid. 

Cherry and cinnamon, on the other hand, are bakery smells and can be very pleasing in winter. 

Don’t Forget the Bathroom!

Focusing on your living area is a must, but don’t neglect your bathroom which also needs to be inviting as your guests will doubtless want to use it at some point.

You can put nice smells in here, too! More essentially, however, make sure you’re stocked up on toilet paper, soap and clean towels. 

Natural Home Accessories

An often overlooked home accessory, bringing nature into your home can give it that added level of homeliness that your guests will be searching for.

Even a small potted house plant can make all the difference. As well as adding the natural element, it provides a talking point among your guests. Although, the same can go for your photo frames and wall art. 

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