How To Choose The Right Table For Your Home’s Dining Room

Coniston Table and chairs.jpgChoosing the right dining table can be a challenge. 

Not only do have to make sure it fits the dining room, but it has to match, it has to have the right number of chairs, and many other factors many would not expect to encounter. 

This tends to be due to the fact that there is a lot of choices involved. From the wood it's made from to the cushions on your chairs, it does make things a little difficult sometimes. 

Today, we have a few tips on choosing the right dining table for you. 

Consider the Room

Before you even begin your selecting process, it’s best to consider the space it is going to occupy. 

Whether it’s your kitchen or dining room, your table needs not only to fit that space dimensionally but also feel like a natural part of the home decor. 

You could choose either wooden or glass dining tables, it’s always important to imagine how it would suit the room.

If it clashes, then there’s a problem. It’ll be the focal point of the entire room, meaning it’s best to think very carefully before choosing the right material. 

Always Go Bigger Than You Think You Need to

So, you’ve got your dimensions and carefully measured the space you plan to put your dining table into. Many people do this yet their table sometimes ends up being too small.

Without the table present, it can be hard to estimate exactly what dimensions will be good enough to fit such a large piece of furniture in your dining room or kitchen.

This means most will be too cautious and underestimate how much room they actually have. Sometimes, it better to go for a bigger table than you believe is necessary. 

However, this does come with a word of warning. Though your dining room may be large enough to fit a table for six, if only three of you use it then it’s going to look rather sad and empty. 

By all means, be practical. Never buy a table that seats too many people, even if you are worried about guests.

But also, don’t be afraid to go a little bigger. Yes, a dining table for two might be enough to fit three with an extra chair, but this will make it cramped and uncomfortable. 

In this case, it may be better to go for a table that can fit four. One extra space will be empty for most of the time, but at least you can all fit comfortably around it. 

Short On Space? Go Round!

Round tables are vastly underestimated. Some may even see them as old-fashioned. We, on the other hand, know better.

If you’re short on space, a round table can be the perfect solution as it will be able to fit more people in such a more closed-in area. 

There’s a reason large booths with circular tables at restaurants are good for birthday bashes - they fit a lot of people round it and everyone can socialise comfortably.

There is also that handy space in the middle which can be used to hold plates, condiments and any other necessary items for an excellent dining experience. 

They’re also great for the kitchen, breakfast nooks, and open-air seating areas, making them ideal for your back garden. 

Leave Three Feet of Clearance Space

What do we mean by this? As we said, it’s possible to go too big with a dining table, so big you and your guests can’t sit down or stand up without brushing against the wall. 

The magic number here is three. Three feet of space is often the minimum amount of space needed for a comfortable dining experience. That way you can host dinner parties hassle-free. 

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