Home Decor Trends For 2020

painted-oak-furniture-thumbnail.jpgWith the start of a new decade, it’s about time we started taking a look at some of the emerging home decor trends we can expect in the new year.

Shades of terracotta, ochre and tan, an emphasis on texture and neutral colours, and a larger focus on nature have already established themselves as ongoing trends. 

This has set the precedent for 2020, with promises of warmer tones and bolder statements. But how can we establish these new trends with the minimum amount of stress?

Below, you will find the top trends in home decor in 2020. 

Natural Light

Natural light is only one natural element that has decidedly established itself as an emerging trend. Many new homeowners are paying attention to the way light falls in various points throughout their home and have done their best to emphasise it. 

And with good reason! Not only can natural light make a room feel much more open and spacious, but it can also highlight certain colours and decide how to divide up the room for numerous activities. 

For instance, in your living room, you may want to angle the TV away from natural light so it doesn’t interfere with watching it. But if you want a more social setting, you may want to angle your seating area toward the light for more relaxation. 

Either way, natural lighting, whether through a large window or a skylight, has seen a resurgence and we expect this to continue well into 2020. 

Bold Colour Palettes 

Colour palettes should always be taken into account when it comes to home decor, but now we’re in 2020, people will start expressing more boldness when it comes to their homes’ personality. 

Bright burnished red along with mustard yellow and navy blue, these warmer tones can be expressed through abstract paintings, playful geometrics, and minimalist, angular furniture. 

The whole idea is to evoke a mood and it certainly does. Bold and punchy colours have a certain whimsical feel and are definitely interesting to look at. 

This trend is perfect for homeowners who want to make a statement and leave a lasting impression through an artistic flair. It also embraces more tactile textures, a lasting trend from 2019, and makes any room much more dynamic. 

Neutral Colours

On the complete opposite end of the spectrum, neutral colours will also emerge as a trend this year. Also known as ‘dramatic neutral’, these seemingly bland colours will be juxtaposed against subtle accents of bolder, darker hues to emphasise the warmth of the room. 

These more serene shades are meant to promote a sense of calm which they do enormously well. They’re not super busy and give the eye a chance to rest. 

We expect to see many more neutral tones make themselves known in 2020, warmer shades like beige taking over the cooler shades like grey. 

Overall, however, it is important to never underestimate the power of neutral colours. Chosen carefully, they can leave a great impact and great an ideal ambience in your home. 

In particular, pay attention to your walls. If you wish to draw the eye to bolder features, walls painted in off-white or beige will be able to accomplish this effect. 

Decorative Walls

Another bold trend we expect to take root in 2020 is the decorative wall patterns/murals that are sprouting up everywhere. 

Whether you choose wallpaper or to do it yourself, you can choose to dedicate a large portion of your wall to a bold art piece that will be immediately striking. 

The best part is that this art piece can be anything you want it to be. That stretch of wall is your canvas on which you can paint whatever you want. 

Whether that’s a gigantic elaborate floral print or an abstract piece is entirely up to you. The point is, that this is the chance to truly express yourself and put a staple on your home. 

It certainly makes much more of an impact than a simple piece of wall art. 

House Plants

It is quickly becoming established that more and more homes are keeping house plants in an attempt to bring the natural world in. 

The best thing about house plants is that they can go anywhere, being anything from a generic home accessory to an accessory dedicated to a specific room of the house. 

Some may think this is simply turning your living room into an indoor garden, but there’s much more to it than that. It’s all about caring for those plants and bringing your own space back to nature. It’s also a way of using nature to complement your furniture. 

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