Home Decor Inspiration for Your Spare Room

small bedroom.jpgHaving a spare bedroom is a wonderful opportunity to make things nice and cosy for any guests who are staying over for the night, or even for a few nights.

But since most of the time it probably won’t be used, how should you decorate it? Should you go all out or do practically nothing?

The answer is somewhere in between. Obviously, if hardly anyone will use the room, there’s little point in making too much of a fuss.

However, it is important to make a little effort. Here are our top tips for decorating your spare bedroom.

The Right Paint

If you’re thinking to repaint your spare room, make sure you choose the right wall paint. While bright colours may seem like a good idea, having something too garish could actually be off-putting for your guests.

For example, a bright red is simply too aggressive on the eyes for something that is merely meant to accommodate somebody for a short stay. On the other hand, beige maybe a little too plain.

If you want any kind of colour at all, it’s best to go for a softer colour palette, nothing too bright or alarming. A calm powder blue is a good option or a pale yellow.

When in doubt, however, white is always the best option to go for. It’s an impartial colour that fits in with most furniture, but most importantly, it isn’t boring.

Keep It Tidy

Nobody likes a cluttered bedroom. A cluttered spare room can be even more offputting. Your guests might take that to mean you think little of your hospitality.

The best spare rooms are the tidiest. If you must keep things in here because you haven’t any room in the rest of your home, put it somewhere out of sight, such as in the wardrobe or under the bed.

Even the little things help! Having the bed made and keeping the floor hoovered goes a long way in making your spare room feel comfy.

Quirky Wallpaper

Sometimes, you find the perfect wallpaper to fit in your spare bedroom and it speaks to your personality in such a way you simply have to have it.

Be careful that it isn’t too unique, however, seeing as you won’t see it the majority of the time if it is only in the spare room.

If you do want something a bit more unique, we definitely recommend using wallpaper with a nice pattern, but try not to go overboard.

Keep It Simple

Finally, it’s better to keep things simple in your spare room. Don’t overload it with furniture or with decorations.

Really, it should only have the bed, a wardrobe, and maybe a desk. Otherwise, you don’t need much else in there otherwise it’ll become too crowded.

The same goes for decorations. Too many can overwhelm your guests and make them feel smothered. It’s best to keep things as restrained as possible. Remember: minimalist is key!

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