First-Time Buyers: How To Choose Furniture With Longevity

oak-furniture-thumbnail.jpgBeing a first-time homebuyer can be exciting. Not only will you be getting a house, but you can
decorate it in any way you like.

Some first-time buyers may already have their home decor furniture, and that’s great! For others,
however, they may need to go out and buy some, particularly essential things such as tables, chairs
and TV stands.

So, you’ve been given a budget and can spend it on whatever furniture you need. How do you
choose the right sort? You’ll be, hopefully, living in this house for many years to come. You want
your furniture to last a while.

Below, we’ve put together some essential tips to bear in mind when you’re browsing for brand new

Check the Quality

The first piece of advice we can give you is to always check the quality of the furniture before you
buy it. This sounds obvious, but what does it really mean?

From the off, you can always tell the quality of a piece of furniture depending on what it’s made of.
For example, at Devonshire Living, all our furniture is made of real wood, meaning it’s excessively
good quality.

Good quality wooden furniture is also proven to last a lot longer than its composite counterparts. A
typical dining room table made of solid wood could last up to 20 years.

It’s also much sturdier and much less susceptible to damage. It establishes a sense of permanence in
the home and can be the fantastic focal point of any room.

Other factors indicating quality to look out for is to focus on smaller details such as the stitching on
any cushions, the feel of textiles, seeing if anything was glued down or nailed.

All these indicators can give off telltale signs on the quality of that piece of furniture, whether it be a
bar stool or a bedstead.

Test It, If You Can

The next thing to do would be to test the desired item in a way in which you would normally use it.
For instance, if it’s a chest of drawers, open them and see how easily each drawer slides out.

If it feels easy to use and that it won’t break from constant use, then you can be sure that a piece of
furniture will last you a very long time.

This plays back into the material that said thing is made from. An iron handle is more likely to last
longer than a plastic one.

Consider Usage

One thing you should do before you begin testing the furniture is to consider how much usage you
will get out of it.

Will it be in constant use? Will it only be used on specific occasions? If it is a wardrobe you’re looking
for, it’s more likely to be used every day than a sideboard containing all your fancy cutlery.

Of course, this means that furniture that is used more is more likely to last a shorter time than that
which is not used as often.

This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t choose long-lasting furniture for things that you don’t use that
often. However, it should be taken into account if the price is a concern.

Consider Lifestyle

Another factor to consider when you want to buy long-lasting furniture is to think about the lifestyle
you live. Do you regularly hold dinner parties? Are you a parent?

Depending on your answers, you might have to do a mini “risk assessment” on how long your
furniture will last.

For example, if you do have small children and you want to buy them a new bedstead, you might be
better off getting a much sturdier one than you might get for yourself.

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